Southwest Feminists Reunite Oral History Collection

Southwest Feminists Reunite celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Southwest Feminist Festival Retreat held north of Tucson. That powerful experience in March 1973 and the dynamic creativity and political action that followed sparked feminists and lesbian feminists to reinvent their lives and organize for change over the next four decades. This collection consists of oral histories and digital scans of photographs from the past 40 years.

These oral history interviews highlight local feminist and lesbian feminist activists as part of the Southwest Feminists Reunite collection, which was started in spring 2013 during their 40th Anniversary celebration in Tucson, AZ. This collection consists of oral histories and digital scans of photographs.

Doris Dillon “Dillon”, Karen Kushner, Dianne Roberts interview
Nora Ligia Simmons Oral History Interview
Minerva Collective.
Interview with Dorothy Riddle, Willow Bentley, and Deborah Dobson
Kittu Riddle & Margo Kostenbader
Kittu Riddle, Dorothy Riddle, and Lavina Tomer discussing the development of Nourishing Space
Women In The Media “How Women Earned a Living”
Amy Pearl interview
Hokey Pokey Players Interview
Gloria Devore interview
Lynn Saul interview
Women on Wheels: Doreen Dobzewitz, Roni Kendall interview
Corrie Furst interview
Leslie Carlson interview
Elly Anderson interview
Barbea Williams interview
Patricia Kelly interview
N. Skreko Martin Interview
Kay Bauman, M.D. Interview
Josefina Ahumada Interview
B. Stillwell Interview
Ann Yellott Interview

“40th Anniversary Event” • Women in the Trades: Interview with Elaine Santo, Hannah Witzemann, Penny Spicer, and Janet
“40th Anniversary Event” • Free Clinic: Interview with Debby Hamolsky and Sandra Anderson
“40th Anniversary Event” • Artemis Childcare: Interview with Pam Hyde Nakai, Roberta latham, Debby Hamolsky, Tina Efron, and Char Latham
“40th Anniversary Event” • Interview with Joann Boehmer
“40th Anniversary Event” • Women Woven: Interview with Meg Fox, Ka McMudie, Judith Weiser, and Doreen Dobzewitz
“40th Anniversary Event” • 1st Wave 5th Avenue Women’s Collective: Interview with Ann Yellott, Leslie Carlson, Debby Hamolsky, and Tina Efron
“40th Anniversary Event” • 1st Wave 6th Street Women’s Center: Interview with Lavina Tomer, Morning Waters, and Deborah Dobson
“40th Anniversary Event” • 1st Wave of Nourishing Space: Interview with Meg Fox, Ka Mudie, and Lavina Tomer
 “40th Anniversary Event” • Pleiades Women’s Theater: Interview with Meg Fox
“40th Anniversary Event” • 2nd Wave 5th Avenue Women’s Collective: Interview with Lavina Tomer, Lydia Breen, Ellen Litman, Linda Hellman, and Doris Dillon
“40th Anniversary Event” • Southwest Feminists in the Media: Interview with Lydia Breen and Leslie Carlson
“40th Anniversary Event” • Interview with Eloise DeSpain