LGBTQ Veteran Oral History Collection

LGBTQ Veteran Oral History Collection started in April 2017 and is being facilitated by Luis Muñoz, community oral historian and all-around tech wizard. If you are a Veteran and identify as LGBTQI, please consider telling your story as part of this collection.

Thomas “Tom” Waddelow shares his stories as part of the Arizona LGBTQ Storytelling Project. He discusses his involvement with World War II in the Battle of the Bulge which earned him the respected Purple Heart military decoration. He discusses his acceptance of his sexuality late into his 30’s as dating or relationships were rare or none existent in his earlier years. He tells of his few relationships throughout his life as a gay man. He tells of his excellent work as a painter in his later years and his involvement in the Festival of Arts hosted in California where he became well known for his work. You can also view this interview in the digital repository here.